Getting Access

Applying for a user account

The Supercomputing Wales service is available to members of the partner institutions (Aberystwyth, Bangor, Cardiff & Swansea) and their project collaborators.

In order to gain access, users should login to the MySCW account interface using their institutional user credentials.

On the follow-up details screen, please include a brief statement of your reason for requesting an account on the system (e.g. ‘to apply for a new project for abc’, ‘to join project xyz of PI anon’).

Your request will then be seen within our support hours and handled appropriately. Email notifications will be sent as your request progresses.

Once your account has been approved, access MySCW again. Your SCW username is now displayed at the top of the MySCW page in the Account Summary section. Click Reset SCW Password and enter a new password for SCW systems. These will be your new SCW systems username & password and are completely independent of all other University authentication systems.

You will need to be a member of a new or existing project to login and run jobs, please see below.

Accessing the systems

Follow the instructions on the Access the System page to login.

Applying for a new project

If you are applying, as the Technical Lead, for a new project to have access to the SCW systems, please click the Create Project Application item from the Actions menu in My SCW. You will then be asked for some details about your project. These will be reviewed by SCW staff and this process may take a few days. Please follow this guide to fill the project application form.

Joining an existing project

Without a project membership you will not be able to run a job. If you wish to join an existing project ask the Technical Lead of the project to give you the project code. Project codes follow the format scwXXXX where XXXX are all numbers. All legacy HPC Wales and Raven projects have been allocated SCW codes, please use these where possible and only revert to HPCW or Raven codes where necessary. The Technical Lead can find their project codes on the Project Memberships page where they will be listed as Project Owner. Users can apply to join via the Join a Project item on the Dashboard. Technical Leads will be notified and then need to approve the request.