Hawk Supercomputer Outage – 16th Jan -> 31st Jan [UPDATED]

UPDATE: Please be advised that the OCF Hawk software stack deployment (OCF Steel) is currently behind the previously advertised schedule, hence the revision to this. Following discussions with OCF, the new software supplier for Hawk, and also taking account of community feedback, we have agreed the timetable for the schedule of work to install the […]

Hawk Unavailable 09/03/2022

This is an important announcement to inform you of upcoming planned Hawk maintenance scheduled for Wednesday 9th March that will require a service outage. The disruption to service will be necessary in order perform maintenance on the Hawk storage systems. During the maintenance period user login will be blocked on the Hawk login nodes and […]

Hawk Maintenance 5th and 6th August 2020

Total Outage – Wednesday 5th August 2020 Scratch At-risk and ‘compute_amd’ Unavailable – Thursday 6th August 2020 The supercomputer Hawk will undergo a system maintenance outage on Wednesday 5th August 2020 from 8 AM. This regular outage enables us to update hardware & software elements to the latest supported and performance levels. Unfortunately, a total […]

Hawk Maintenance 1st July 2020

We are scheduling an at risk/partial maintenance period for the Hawk cluster next Wednesday (July 1st) 0900-1800. At least three potentially disruptive (to varying degrees) activities will be taking place: i) system security enhancements ii) remounting of external storage and maintenance of scratch re-exporter (affects webmo/smartlink) iii) security penetration testing of the Hawk system (more details […]

Hawk Phase 2 (Updated 13/01/2020)

TL;DR Hawk service at-risk for the weeks of the 9th and 16th December Hawk Lustre expansion re-scheduled for Tuesday 28th January 2020, compute will be unavailable. Users should backup important scratch data in advance. Datacentre power testing on 17th December now complete. Hawk will shortly be undergoing a Phase 2 Expansion which will provide Hawk […]

Hawk Regular Maintenance Outage 3rd July 2019

Hawk will undergo a system maintenance outage on Wednesday 3rd July from 9AM until 6PM. This biannual outage enables us to update hardware & software elements to latest supported and performance levels. Unfortunately a total system outage is necessary to do this. Jobs that will not complete before the outage will not be started until […]