Hawk Software Stack Replacement – Downtime Forewarning

UPDATE: Please see here for the confirmed dates.

We are currently planning the deployment of a new software environment on the Hawk supercomputer. With support from a new maintenance contract with OCF, the new software environment will be compatible with the existing software on Hawk and require minimal change from users.

This essential deployment work is expected to begin in January 2023 and will be disruptive – impacting the Hawk service for up to two weeks.

Therefore, should you have any specific deadlines that you are concerned may be impacted by this work, we would be grateful if you could please notify us as soon as possible by contacting: arcca@cardiff.ac.uk.

We will of course do our best to plan accordingly with OCF to try and minimize the impact to the Hawk user community.

Once a schedule of work has been formally agreed with OCF we will provide a further update to notify the community of what has been agreed and the expected impact to the Hawk service.