Hawk Supercomputer Outage – 16th Jan -> 31st Jan [UPDATED]

UPDATE: Please be advised that the OCF Hawk software stack deployment (OCF Steel) is currently behind the previously advertised schedule, hence the revision to this.

Following discussions with OCF, the new software supplier for Hawk, and also taking account of community feedback, we have agreed the timetable for the schedule of work to install the new software environment onto Hawk.

This work will require a full outage beginning January 16, 2023, lasting up until January 27 the end of January 31st.

Should the work be completed sooner then we will of course endeavour to bring Hawk back into service as soon as possible. Due to the nature of the changes, any jobs left queued and waiting to run at the start of the outage will not be migrated to the new environment.

If you have a particularly pressing requirement for HPC compute services during this period, then please contact us: Cardiff users: arcca@cardiff.ac.uk, Bangor Users: research-computing@bangor.ac.uk – so that we can help provide what you need.