Improving the Service

It has now been more than two months since we performed the first cluster migration to the new software stack at Swansea. Generally, the migration has gone very well. We have had a hand full of support cases that required work to integrate existing application with the new software stack. However the cluster as a whole has been a lot more predictable, more controlled and offered a better user experience in our view.

We are therefore considering the time line for implementation of the platform on our 3 other systems. We will start this with the Bangor system, hopefully some time in December with details to be confirmed. This would then leave Cardiff to be done in the new year.

The start of 2016 will also bring with it storage re-work at all three sites. This is in order to get away from the current legacy file system and to present a platform for capacity growth and improved management in the future.

Unfortunately, all of the above works will require various bits of downtime but will result in an improved service looking to the future in terms of both service and capability.