Bangor System: Upgrade Outage

Outage Announcement: Software Upgrade, Bangor: System Unavailable 4th January 2016 – 7th January 2016

The upgraded software stack that was deployed on the Swansea system in September has proven reliable and capable. Overall system availability has improved, as has performance and the user experience in job turnaround time. We are now in a position to move on with the project to unify the entire infrastructure to this new software stack.

Following on from the presentations and discussions at last week’s User Group Meeting, we will be performing the software update on the Bangor system during the week of the 4th January 2016, immediately after return from the Christmas break. The upgraded system will be the first Generation 1 HPC Wales system to be upgraded and life-extended.

We anticipate the system will be unavailable for a duration of approximately 3-4 days, subject to satisfactory completion of performance tests, and will announce resumption of service on the Portal and the Message of the Day.