Cardiff Outage, Thursday 18th February 2016

Home file store is a key part of the HPCW infrastructure. Unfortunately, the service deployed for this purpose has now reached and gone beyond the end of its manufacturer’s service and supported life. As such, in order that we can utilise a supported and maintained service, we must migrate to a new service. We will also take the opportunity to restructure the storage in order to have improved management capabilities and provide for future service provision.

In order to transition each hub site, we will carry out a three stage migration that will require two short outages separated by a few weeks.

For Cardiff, the first of these outages will be Thursday the 18th February 2016.

All compute services will be reserved (unavailable) for a maintenance window starting at midnight, and all login services – including the Access Nodes (, and the cluster login nodes (cf-log-00x, cf-sb-log-00x) – will be offline from 9am. 

Subject to satisfactory testing of the migrated data & service, we intend to resume the service in the afternoon.

We apologise for any inconvenience caused by this work.