Cardiff In Service & New Beta File Access Capability

Following yesterday’s planned maintenance, all systems have now returned to normal operation.

We also have a new file access capability in beta status. Connecting via SFTP/SCP to (aka now enables access to all site home and scratch directories direct from outside the HPCW network. The following tables lists the locations of each:

File SystemLocation on [sftp|scp]
Cardiff Home/hpcw/cf/$USER
Swansea Home/hpcw/sw/$USER
Bangor Home/hpcw/ba/$USER
Cardiff Scratch/hpcw/cf-scratch/$USER
Swansea Scratch/hpcw/sw-scratch/$USER
Bangor Scratch/hpcw/ba-scratch/$USER

$USER represents the username of the user in question. By default, connection to [sftp|scp] continues to position users in the Cardiff home directories mounted at /home.

The access to scratch via this mechanism remains in beta at this time, but we hope (and believe) that this new capability will be welcome, and will reduce the amount of data moves required to place data in the best and most appropriate place.