Hawk Cardiff Research Datastore (RDS) access VM

The Hawk Research Datastore access Virtual Machine (VM) is a dedicated system that is within Hawk and is provided to transfer data to and from Hawk filesystems to the RDS. The VM is accessed by Cardiff University Hawk users via SSH from the Hawk login nodes.

To access the RDS VM:

  1. Firstly ssh to a Hawk login node (cl1,cl2,cla1) in the normal way.
  2. Then ssh to the RDS v2 access VM (which is named rds).
    [c.user@cl1 ~]$ ssh rds
  3. The message of the day (printed on the terminal after you ssh to the VM) should provide you with the information required to access the RDS.

Further information:

  • After login to the RDS VM you need to run the access script.
  • The script to access the rds is in the PATH: simply run access_rds.sh
  • The rds datastore is accessed via path /rds
    (you will only be able to access storage as per your RDS group membership)
  • The usual Hawk home and scratch storage mountpoints are accessible on this VM.

N.B. The VM’s sole purpose is to enable data transfer between Hawk filesystems and the RDS appliance. If you encounter any issues, please report these in the normal manner with an email to arcca-help@cardiff.ac.uk