Running IDL jobs

These instructions show how to run parallel IDL jobs on Super Computing Wales. Please contact Huw Morgan ( for more information.

1. Save the 4 example files into your home directory and extract the zip file.

$ wget

$ unzip

2. Change the home directory line in the IDL code to your appropriate directory. You can first directly test if this is working by running IDL manually on head node (note use of capitals):

$ module load IDL

$ idl

set_sunbird,[’sdo’,’stereo’];loads SSW environments for e.g. sdo and stereo

3. You are now ready to test the parallel job example:

$ sbatch

4. It should work and output a slurm text file, showing progress. It may fail due to lack of IDL licenses (there are only 10).

5. Check progress with:

$ squeue -u username

(replace username with your own user id)

6. Cancel job with:

$ scancel job_id

These example files can hopefully serve as a template to running your own parallel jobs.

Example files download