Cardiff Scheduled Outage – Tuesday 13th December 9am – 5pm

There will be a scheduled outage of all HPC Wales Cardiff systems on Tuesday 13th December 2016 from 9am.

This will, therefore, cause outage of the Cardiff HTC and Sandy Bridge clusters, plus also the Access Nodes ( and File Transfer service ( /

Any jobs running at the start of the outage will be terminated. We will try to retain queued jobs and allow them to launch once service is resumed.

Service will be returned at the earliest opportunity, which we anticipate to be mid-afternoon. Please see the User Portal for updates on the day, and also observe the messages issue when you attempt to login.

As part of this work, disk quotas on user home directories will be enabled. The command ‘myquota’ will subsequently display information on your particular space allocation and usage. Please see the Storage Quotas page for further information.